Faces Of Love

Can a Duke with a frozen heart find healing in the arms of Lady Mary Withington, who believes that true love is possible even for the nobility?

Jacob Fitzroy, Duke of Gaffton, is a mysterious stranger with a connection to Lady Mary’s family, and another link when his best friend begins a courtship with Lady Mary’s childhood best friend. However, his emotions are tightly locked away, and although Lady Mary has made it clear that she believes in the concept of marrying for love, Gaffton makes it known publicly that he will be a lifelong bachelor. He does not think highly of the fairer sex, and believe these woman getting close to nobility have an ulterior motive.

It is only after he nearly ruins her life that Gaffton begins to realize that his heart may not be made of stone after all.

Will the Duke of Gaffton find room in his heart for beautiful Lady Withington, and will he be able to voice his intentions before she is sent away when his attempts to prove that love and lust are the same nearly create disaster for her entire family?


Can a Duke with a broken heart find the missing piece in the smile of beautiful Lady Julia Summers, who is struggling to take the right path in life?

Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Fitzsimmons is a kind, patient man, although the aura of sadness about him is clearly felt by all. When Lady Julia learns his tragic secret, she cannot help but desire to comfort him, although she fears that she can offer him nothing except friendship since her heart seems to belong to Lord James Patterson. Her friendship means more to him than life itself, coming as a balm to his troubled heart when he needs it, but he desires more from her when he realizes his true feelings for her.

When his heart’s desire is to win the heart of the woman he loves, it is only through the betrayal of another that he has a chance to make his feelings known to her.

Will the handsome Lieutenant-Colonel finally have happiness in his life with the beautiful woman of his dreams, or will her attachment to a rogue with no means of supporting her thwart his dreams of happily ever after?


Can a handsome duke with a checkered past finally find true love in Lady Scarlett, a woman with a hefty dowry and a fiery personality?

Lord Edward, Duke of Kent, is everything most girls could want in a husband, handsome, titled, and with a bright future ahead of him. However, many of the ton also know that his past is checkered, with rumors of a stilted lover and an illegitimate child clouding his chance for a marriageable future with a noble girl. He has long since decided to marry only for love though, so their opinions matter little to him until he meets a beautiful woman named Scarlett, sister of the Duke of Bellingham, and is carried away by her brazen lack of propriety when it comes to society’s rules.

Lord Edward is willing to expose everything about his own past in order to marry the woman he loves, but must decide whether he’s willing to risk losing her heart when she knows the truth.

Can Duke of Kent expose his past and win the respect of the outspoken merchant’s daughter, or will the Duke of Bellingham’s own buffoon stepbrother be given the beautiful maiden’s hand in marriage instead?


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