The Fairbanks

A defying young man. A naive maid waiting to be loved. A temptation hard to resist. Secrets to hide or regrets for life.

Lord William is a rebellious man that defies all including his wife, but that doesn’t stop him from romancing the ton.

His brother is faced with the impossible—admit to a dalliance he didn’t have, or risk shaming is younger brother.

Lord Fairfield, William David Montgomery only choice—or so he assumes—is to use another man’s name in order to philander freely at society’s functions. However, the name he uses is the worst imaginable: his own older brother’s name.

Lord Abraham Montgomery is also a happily married man, the firstborn son of the Duke of Fairfield and standing to inherit his father’s title. If his brother’s escapades continue though, he will be forced to give up everything, as the scandal will ruin the family name forever. He must choose between loyalty and doing the right thing, especially when a young woman in the household is found to be with a Montgomery child.

Abigail is just a simple maid, working hard in a place where she is cherished, and sought after by the young and brash William. The handsome and charming young man manages to seduce her, but she believes that he’s his older brother, the heir to the family name.

Will Lord William stop to his roaming ways and mend things with his pretty wife before it’s too late to salvage the Montgomery name?

How will Lord Abraham get out of his predicament without sullying his own name—and that of his beloved father?

This is a clean historical regency romance novel.

Every woman that he’s ever loved has fallen under his curse.

The princess he desires may be the next victim of the marquess’ curse.

The second son of Lord Fairfield, William David Montgomery, has just experienced one of the greatest tragedies of his young life. His wife, who he confesses that he did not love as he should, has just died suddenly, leaving him alone to battle the demons of guilt and regret that haunt him. If he’d been the husband he should have been, perhaps she would not have succumbed to her weak heart.

To escape the past, he decides to leave for America and begin establishing business ventures there, but on the way he meets a beautiful princess also seeking respite from daily life. Belle Van Den Berg, Princess of Netherlands, has captured his thoughts in a way that he’s not experienced since Abigail, the mother of his illegitimate child, or since the beginning days of his married life. However, she is as innocent and pure as he is tarnished, and he knows that there’s no room for him in her loving heart.

Everything changes in an instant when Princess Belle falls into an unexplained coma suddenly, although they are at sea on a small ship with only a handful of passengers and a skeleton crew. Lord William begins to wonder if it is because of her frail constitution or if the sudden onset is deliberate…perhaps a case of poisoning. He must discover the truth before it’s too late for beautiful Belle…

Can Lord William find the culprit—and an antidote or cure—before his heart is broken by another untimely death?

Will Princess Belle find room in her heart for her wayward knight in shining armor?


He has just inherited his father’s estate upon returning from a long stint in the Army. Will he inherit smoothly

Now he faces a more terrifying prospect—he must marry right away or lose his inheritance.

Shawn William, Duke of Worthington, cousin to the Prince Regent and ruler of Fairbanks, has seen many things during his time in the Army. Death and dismemberment, pain and suffering, but nothing has prepared him for his return to life as a civilian. Haunted by the ghosts of his past and battling the inner demons that keep him from restful sleep, he must still find time to choose a Lady as his bride, as commanded by the Prince Regent.

Although there are dozens of eligible maidens in beautiful Fairbanks, he only has eyes for one—the ravishing Lady Elizabeth Dowling. Another man wants to pay court to her, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes, even a fight to the death, if it means that she will be his bride…

Will Duke Shawn finally meet his match in the form of the waspish older gentleman who has already asked for Lady Elizabeth’s hand and been denied?

Can Lady Elizabeth discover the true reason for her reluctance toward the handsome Duke of Fairfield before he chooses another bride—perhaps even her own sister?


A reluctant Viscount. A Lady on the shelf. A secret plot to destroy a young couple’s love.

Viscount Allan Gray has traveled far to the most exciting ball of the season.

He never intended to leave with a bride…

When the ruling family of peaceful Fairbanks plan the ball of the season, they invite all of their family and friends to celebrate the joyous occasion. The lady of the house includes her one remaining unmarried sister amongst the invitees, Lady Janelle Dowling. As if destiny itself has ordained the union, a handsome stranger and beautiful lady are joined together from the moment they meet—true love at first sight.

Lady Janelle is immediately captivated by Lord Allan.

Viscount Allan Gray has come all the way from his Australian home to spend time with the Worthington family and further his business interests in England. Along with his sister Lady Emiline, Lord Allan simply desires to bring his innovative ideas and business savvy to a new location. He never intended to fall in love with beautiful and intelligent Lady Janelle.

When a daring theft shatters the tranquility of their beloved Fairbanks, everyone must work together to discover the shocking truth of the situation.

If they cannot solve the mystery, a nefarious plot will succeed, and this would mean drastic unwanted change for all of Fairbanks…

Will Lord Allan and Lady Janelle discover the meaning of the secret plot to destroy their young love?

Is it finally time for Fairbanks to enjoy an extended period of peace and harmony?

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