Interview with Duke Shawn Worthington of Fairbanks

Character Interview – Duke Shawn Worthington, Duke of Fairbanks

by Jessie Bennett


He smiles ironically. “Actually, no! It was rather harder than I would have expected, and involved a rather scandalous move on my part – fighting a duel.”

“You did?” I am smiling and shocked.

“Yes,” he says, smoothing a hand down the folds of his trousers-leg. “I did. Against a former suitor of hers, I will admit.”


“The fellow was…too persistent for my liking.”

I grin. “You duelled him for her hand?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes. Though I must admit she almost left me for it. I would not have guessed what an upstanding woman she is. Upstanding, and beautiful…” his voice trails off and the look in his eyes softens, making it clear how much he loves her.

“You noticed her at once?” I ask, intrigued. I would love to know what a compelling, powerful man like him had noticed about a woman.

“Yes,” he agrees, sipping his drink lightly. “She was by far the most beautiful lady there, and she had something – that is, a wisdom – that made her stand out. She is very wise, is my Lizzie. Just one look in those blue eyes makes it obvious.”

“So,” I smile, “wisdom and eyes do it, do they?”

He smiles and drinks some more brandy. “Well,” he affirms, “there are other aspects of a woman that are enticing, I won’t lie!” He laughs warmly, and I feel that laughter brush across my skin like fingers, making my breath catch.

“Other aspects?”

He shoots me a boyish grin that makes my whole body heat. “You know whereof we speak, I am certain. The…outward aspects. A female body, curvaceous and soft, is so much more enticing than a male, would you not agree?”

Not right now I wouldn’t! I smile inwardly, and try to frame an arch reply. His wife Elizabeth is known for her intelligence, so he clearly likes that too.

“I would not wish to disagree with a duke on anything,” I observe, “though I must admit to being somewhat biased at present towards the men.”

The duke set his glass down and looked out of the window for a moment. I hope I have not pushed him too far – he is a faithful husband and would not approve of too much flirtation – so I change the subject. He turns to me with an easy smile when I clear my throat, so I know I have not upset him.

“You and your wife are known for your matchmaking, is that not so?”

He laughs. “Well,” he observes, “it seems we have a succession of wayward young relatives, each seeking each other without knowing it.”

“You believe strongly in a good partnership?”

“Yes,” the duke’s reply is immediate. “I have a strong belief that everyone is at their most happy, their most productive, when they have a partner whom they love and who loves them.”

I smile. “I have to agree with that. Your wife does too, I am sure?”

He chuckles. “I think so!” he smiles. “We have certainly both had our fair share of matchmaking for the more wayward of our neighbours!”

I smile. “So your life is full of scandalous characters?”

He shrugs. “Not scandalous, exactly – at least, not often. I have some scandalous neighbours, but luckily no-one has done any lasting damage.”

I nod. “You have favourite neighbours also?”

“I do,” he smiles. “Lady Anna and my cousin, Jonathan, are great favourites. They took some time to find each other, I can say that!” He chuckles, making the slight crow’s feet appear at the corners of his eyes. Somehow they add to the air of command that makes him so sexy.

“Any other favourite things?” I ask lightly, interested to find out as much as I can about this man.

“Yes, actually,” he says lightly, looking up at the ceiling. “Brandy, for one!” We both laugh. “Sunshine, riding…and I will admit a fondness for cranberry tarts, though I hope you shan’t make it too well-known.”

I laugh. “That all sounds wonderful,” I say, noticing I am gushing but not being able to help it. He is magnetic and charming.

“Thank you,” he says, smiling easily. “I am pleased to hear my taste approved of.”

I grin.

“I think I have bothered you with enough questions for one day, my lord,” I say gravely.

He puts his head on one side, regarding me. “Not at all,” he disagrees, “it was a pleasure.”

He stands, and we shake hands. He wishes me a good day and then he leaves the room, leaving behind him a scent of musk and pine-wood and leaving me feeling strangely bereft.

Here you go… is my character interview with Duke Shawn Worthington. This is a rare opportunity to speak with him, and be sure to read my book, “More For A Duke” to know more of him. Until then… take care.

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